If you’ve been in business for more than five years, you’ll understand the environment we conduct business in has changed immensely. There has been a drastic decline in our interaction with people, whether in person or over the phone. It has become so simple to do business through email, text and social media. There are so many ways to communicate without ever actually verbally speaking or visually seeing each other.

If you are looking to increase your business and create loyal customers, it is so important to engage with the people beyond text, email and social media. Understandably, time is precious and people do not like unexpected phone calls or unnecessary meetings. However, the power of personal interaction cannot be underestimated. Make that quick phone call to clarify details (and save time on back and forth emails, texts etc.) – this is invaluable. There is nothing more annoying than 20 emails to solve a problem that could have been dealt with by a simple two minute phone call. Grab a quick coffee with a client to establish a long term relationship and trust that is hard to do with merely words on your screen. Take a colleague to lunch to share ideas and ignite your inspiration. Send a personal thank-you note on an actual card in the actual mail with an actual stamp! A small gesture like this will be remembered as it shows that you’re not just lazily typing ’thank-you’ and hitting send on the text message. Taking the time to go the extra mile will take you to the next level.
So I challenge you to bring back the personal touch in your business practices. You will see a difference in a short period of time. By finding the union between the ‘old school’ way of doing business and the new age digital world is what will set your business apart from the others who have forgotten (or don’t know) about the personal touch.