Do you struggle with how to use Instagram for personal and business?

I’ve spoken with so many people lately, especially those who are self-employed, that are struggling with using Instagram for personal and business.  I too had this struggle with figuring out what I wanted to post on my Instagram and went through a period of questioning everything I posted.

  • Should my photos always have my business in mind? Should I promote client events or projects I’m working on? Or share photos that would hopefully drum up some future business for one of my companies?
  • Should I go out and create some cool pictures that would propel me into ‘Instagram stardom’ whatever the heck that is? Don’t we all secretly dream of being Instagram overnight success stories?
  • Should I post those shameless selfies of me in a bar with my best friends in the world having the time of our lives?
  • Should I share pictures of the loves of my life, my hubby and kids?
  • Should I post another beach sunset picture or the amazing meal I enjoyed
  • And the list goes on! I definitely had a period of difficulty with determining how to overlap between what I do for a living versus the life I am living.

Remember, you are NOT your business! 

I think the rule of thumb that everyone must remember is you are NOT your business. You are YOU! Your business is simply another output of you that you nurture and grow. Similar to children, or a garden, or your fashion style, or your hobbies and the list goes on.

Just be yourself!

So I’ve come to the conclusion that a personal Instagram profile should be a crossover of everything! It’s YOUR Instagram profile, a beautiful journal of your life and your ‘outputs’ from cool things that you’re doing in your business, fun stuff you’re creating in your pastimes with the people you love, and pictures of things you find funny, stunning, interesting, awe-inspiring. In other words, have fun with Instagram and don’t get hung up on questioning everything you post on Instagram. JUST BE YOURSELF! You may even find that Instagram is a really cool exercise for you to find out just who exactly you are!

Contributed by Jody Ninah
© Makina Marketing Group, 2017