Stop giving away your power to poor performing people!

As business owners, our number one goal is to succeed, right? I don’t think I’ve met a business owner who said ‘yeah, I just want to spend all my time and invest all my money in this business so it’s a total flop.’ So in order to succeed, we business owners have to surround ourselves with really good people. Good staff; a good accountant, lawyer, courier, banker…and the list goes on. The minute a person that you’ve trusted to be good for your business begins performing in ways that are detrimental to your success is the minute you have given away your power. Yes, it’s okay to make mistakes…once, twice, even three times. Chalk it up to learning experiences and the opportunity to coach someone to be better. Beyond that, you need to face reality that this behaviour is becoming the norm – a few missed deadlines, multiple unreturned phone calls, consistently shoddy workmanship – it’s time to take a closer look and assess if this person is holding you back, and ultimately your business. If you find yourself feeling let down on many occasions, having to give this person the benefit of the doubt constantly, or having to use your patience all too often, you are giving away your power as a leader, and poor performance has become a pattern in your business.

If you’re reading this and can think of a person (or people) that have not been meeting your expectations in your business, I encourage you to take back your power! There are definitely toxic people that can hold back your business, and I urge you not to let too much time pass in hopes it will get better. Sure, it will result in a very difficult conversation or even parting ways, but making changes to ensure the RIGHT people are in your corner is the key to operating a successful business!

Contributed by: Jody Ninah
©2017 Makina Marketing Group